Friday, October 8, 2010

Scott Roberts in class exercise

What the heck are Weenies? These are large and interesting landmarks that are used to draw players into and the designer wants them to explore. 

Enhanced Weenies and encountering player movement- The game Far Cry 2 doesn't seem to have any obvious weenies. While playing we encounters a large bridge that told us we were not eh right path because it broke up the monotony of the plan dirt paths. This was the closest we could find. There was also a striking lake we could view but it was not any sort of indicator of movement.  

Presented Path & Posters- Dirt roads were put in place to guide players towards objectives and road signs indicated the direction the player should go to encounter story progression. 

Presented Path vs. Exploration- There were obvious paths for the player to follow but also the jungle invites players to explore wild vegetation. 

The Power of the Path - the illusion of Freedom- Smaller side paths and roads are found off the main road so that player may feel accomplished at finding a shortcut. 

Moral Story Telling - You are a person sent in to help stop a violent war. You are trying to end the corruption within the country. Morals are brought in, in obvious ways, throughout the story. 

Level Items- Ammunition and weapons are littered throughout the game in small shacks.

Warning/Foreshadowing- The player is infected with malaria and his symptoms will begin to surface for a moment once points of the game are reached. The malaria indicates to the player that he is furthering the story line or reaching an objective.

Storytelling through Environment- The environment obviously tells the player the story of a war torn country and the hardships the people have undergone. This is clearly presented to the player.

Implied Threats- The player will encounter abandon huts throughout the level. These huts contain indicators of danger. Walls with bullet holes and abandoned ammunition. 

The Tutorial Section- A phone calls you occasionally to tell the player about new objectives.

Map and Discovered Information- The map will show areas that are locked not the map and have not been discover by the player. Also the unlocked and discovered areas will be presented in detail.

Building Anticipation- The music become dramatic as you near a dangerous zone and the shadows create a dangerous feeling environment. 

Juxtaposing Interior and Exterior Space- The game consists of wide open jungle and small enclosed huts/buildings. It plays in-between the very free feeling open environments and impoverished claustrophobic ones.

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