Friday, October 15, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP) 
What the heck are Weenies? 
Enhanced Weenies and encountering player movement - Player movement is straight-forward; use the joystick to move around and press X to attack. 
Using lighting to encourage player movement - Use of lighting wasn't very apparent, but items and important pickups were very saturated in color. 
Posters - None 
Alternative Maps & Posters - The red marks on the map show paths to different parts of the environment, enticing the player to go to each mark to explore other branches of the level. 
Presented Path & Posters - Game levels were presented in small sections and forward progress is not obvious 
Presented Path vs. Exploration - The player is entitled to explore, though the path is still linear. 
The Power of the Path - the illusion of Freedom 
Rediscovering Rewards - Enemies will always respawn even when player explored the level, leaving pickups and rare items. 
Thematic Level Goals - Kill everything bad 
Moral Story Telling - Not apparent 
Lesson of Main Street - Lights and bright or saturated items are implemented in the game. The treasures are easy to find due to their bright colors, for example. 
Level Items - Level did not have much detail - only grassy hills and waterfalls. The varying dimensions and paths add variety to the level. Pickups are mainly attained from killing enemies. Small treasures are found when the player explore different parts of the level. 
Thematic Level Goals - Each level has its own objectives and goals for the player to pursue. 
Illusional Narrative - Entering a designated area can trigger a cinematic that shows progression or another objective the player must face in the game. 
Adding Danger - inaccessible Pirate ship that looked benevolent from afar shooting cannonballs at the player 
Applying it All 
Warning/Foreshadowing - The player knows she has to defeat the boss (Captain Hook) and overcome the pirate ship. 
Maximizing the Path - If player goes off the path, different enemies and rewards are available 
Storytelling through Environment - Themed environments, depending on the world the player was in (Neverland fantasy world) 
Implied Threats - Pirate ship, world was devoid of interactive characters and elements (aside from enemies) 
The Tutorial Section - N/A, though testing the buttons oriented the player who is unfamiliar with button configurations. System of battle is straight-forward and navigation was understood through trial and error. 
Map and Discovered Information - Map presented in sections; player is easily disoriented. 
Building Anticipation - The sound of the cannonball being fired makes the player run or dodge from his current position so as not to get hit. 
Weenies and Foreshadowing 
Juxtaposing Interior and Exterior Space - Not available due to the section of the level. Setting was exterior, but gives the player room to explore due to branching paths. 
Illusional Narrative 
The Clear Path Out - The player battles the world boss and is welcome to return to the world whenever she pleases. Though the player is not obligated to stay in the world until the boss is defeated, it is desirable in order to progress in the game. 

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