Friday, October 1, 2010

Dragon Crystal Pinball

Dragon Crystal Pinball

What were the kinetics, style, feel, and design?

The game was defiantly fast-paced. It didn't have any "objects" or "toys" to interact with on the play-field except for a few wire ramps. The game design was simple. It included flippers, bumpers and a few roll over targets to hit that would light up when touched. One set of roll over targets were the letters in the word "GATE" . Once these were hit a "gate" came down and you were then allowed to reach the saucer behind it that would stick the ball and shoot it back out again.
The ball could be sucked in by a few other holes and saucers that would reward you with a free ball or more points. The game started and ended quickly.
There was also a hole that once entered by the ball, took you to a small mini game screen. The screen had a set of flippers at the bottom and bricks above that when hit disappeared. The goal was to eliminate as many bricks as possible before the ball fell through the side gutters or down the middle between the flippers. Then you were returned tot eh main pinball screen. I liked that since it was a "video game" and not a real pinball machine they found an cool way to bring in other twists to make it unique just because they could.

The game was dragon themed and that is why I chose it. It wasn't the most enjoyable of the pinball games I played but one of the only ones without advertising!

Orange- roll over targets
Red- holes and saucers
Yellow- slingshots
Blue- wire ramps
Pink- flippers
Green- bumpers

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