Friday, September 3, 2010

Competitive 2 Player Game With Ball

Most likely set in an arcade-like area on it's own or in a building designated for this game with multiple lanes. (Like bowling)

The gameplay's feel is a mixture of Skee-ball and bowling. The player rolls a ball down the lane and tries to make it into one of the three tunnel holes. Each tunnel is worth a different amount of points. The closest is 10, the next 15, and the farthest 50. If a player makes the ball into a hole twice, they receive twice the points awarded. If they make it into the same hole 3 times in a turn, they receive three times the points. 

So say I make it into the 10 point hole once i receive 10 pts. On my second turn I make the same shot and earn 20. And if I make the shot a third time I would be given 30 pts. My total score after those three turns would be 60 (10+20+30).

Each player will roll three balls a turn and then alternate to the other player. Scoring multiples can not carry over to the next turn. Example: I have scored x3 on the 10 pt hole and on my next turn I make it into the 10 pt hole. I claim I should receive x4. This is not allowed.
The game proceeds, each player alternating turns, until the required amount of time for one player to reach or exceed the winning score.

The goal of Sliders is to reach 300 points before your opponent does. 

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