Friday, August 27, 2010

Serf Escape!

       Evan and I created our own game using the traditional chess board and it's pieces. The rules, however, were very different. It is a two person co-op game vs either another single player or AI. The single player on one side of the board is in command of two full rows of pawns (serfs). Lining the opposite far side of the board is a single row of both knights and bishops. These are controlled by the two collaborating players, one player chooses knights (government) and one takes the bishops (church). Their pieces move in a traditional sense and receive no new "powers" in our game.
      The Church and Government's role is to attack and block the serfs from reaching the opposite side of the board. The serfs may do this by jumping over and evading capture. The first row of serfs may move 2 spaces either diagonally or in a straight line. The second line of pawns is stronger and may move 3 spaces in the same directions as the first set of pawns. They may not attack unless they reach the other side of the board. Once(if) the other side is successfully reached, the serfs are "kinged" and receive the rook piece in place of the pawn. They have reached their stronghold and may now fight back behind the safety of the towers walls. With this new piece comes the power to move in straight lines as far as the player wishes to. And this new serf/rook may move diagonally the same distance as before.
    Which ever team prevails in the end wins!

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