Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Creator

A) What options are available to you as a 'game designer'?
     Character choice, Environment, Goal, Challenges
B) How are these options provided?
    Through step by step design.
C) What types of elements are provided for you to use to 'build' the game?
    Through buttons and tools on a side bar.

D) What limits are set on the level of the game play able to be customized
    You must choose between: Time limit, Destroy all enemies, Reach the end portal.

E) What does the process of using these game creators teach about the notion of the 'difficulty and achievement' balance? Explain using an example from your research.
   It became obvious quickly as my partner played that I had focused too much on the goal of surviving 2 minutes and had neglected the difficulty of the level. I had to go back and add more challenging situations because in focusing on map layout and objectives I ignored the need to update the difficulty of bad guys as well.

When you are done, trade places with another student and have them answer the following questions.

1) Is the game level fun to play? (be honest!)
   The game I tested was too difficult in the beginning. By the end I enjoyed it.2) If so, why? If not, why not?
    I was given one life, one hit kill. It made it frustrating to atempt to learn game controls or develope strategy when you died so easily. After quite a few deaths I understood the map layout and objective and it turned out to be enjoyable.3) What could be done to improve the level?
Multiple lives. The complexity of the game would then be allowed to broaden because the level could go on longer.

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