Friday, September 3, 2010

Dali Inspired Action Game

Game Title:
Spindel Stalker

    Level art and character inspiration taken from Salvador Dali's work.
    Music would be a mixture of spacey, sort of trans/eastern sound. The levels would have a desert-like feel and the music would reflect that.

    Players control a flaming giraffe and maneuvers it around the side-scroll levels to protect one of Dali's spindly-legged elephants. You may direct your flames to destroy enemies. You can also leave a trail of fire along the ground to guide your elephants direction to safety.

    The object of the game it to deliver the elephants cargo to the drawers at the end. The levels are timed and if the time limit is exceeded the player must begin the level again. At the end the elephants cargo is placed inside one of the drawers and the next level begins. Once all drawers are filled (levels completed) the game is complete.

    Enemies will try to take down your elephant such as bike riders that will attempt to tangle your elephants legs with their veils.

Melted watches will catch and stick your elephant in place. If your are stuck you must wait for the elephant to pull itself free.
And butterfly windmills will blow winds too strong for your elephants skinny legs to walk past. You must use your fire to get rid of them and clear the way.

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